Are Summer Waves Above Ground Pools Right For You?

Have a bit of space in your yard? Do you wish you could keep cool during the summer? Even with a tight budget you can enjoy the hours of fun only a swimming pool can offer!

Summer Waves above ground pools are an affordable alternative to costly pool construction and the design options are endless.

Summer Waves Is Number One In Durability!

Often seen as temporary structures, the right above ground swimming pools can last for many seasons. The Summer Waves brand is synonymous with durability and long-lasting construction. Each pool is manufactured with careful attention to craftsmanship as well as sturdy materials. A triple-layer PolyLaminate PVC is the material of choice for pools designed by Summer Waves. Inner mesh walls of polyester ensure years of weather resistance and many models allow for printed graphics!

Summer Waves Above Ground Pools

Endless Design Choices

Many homeowners are concerned about the overall aesthetics of choosing an above ground pool. Summer Waves understands the importance of designing a structure that becomes a staple in any yard or garden. The Elite frame pools have a beautiful fenced design that strays away from the popular inflatable look. Metal frame pools are another great option providing durability and flexibility in design placement.

The Quick Set line is ideal for accommodating young kids and limited space. It requires minimal set-up while allowing everyone to cool off during a heat wave.

Increase Your Property’s Value!

Did you know that Summer Waves above ground pools can also double your efforts when it comes to selling your home? Most homebuyers, especially if you live in a warm climate, appreciate the addition of a swimming pool. Not everyone is blessed with a budget that allows for pool construction, but above ground swimming pools are a great way to stay within budget while enjoying all of the benefits of a full-sized pool.