Detection of Radioactive Radiation

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The ionization chamber consists of one vessel in which there are two electrodes that are switched on at high voltage. There is also noble gas. When radioactive radiation reaches the volume of the chamber, it ionizes the noble gas and forms heavy positive ions and light negative ions. These ions are collected on the electrodes under the influence of a strong electric field. This entire process leads to the appearance of an electric current through the gas medium, which is registered by appropriate measuring instruments.

Ionization Chambers For Sale

The ionization chamber is one of the oldest devices for detecting radioactivity. It was designed long before radio activity was discovered. Although it was created so long ago, the work of this gas detector is still considered one of the most reliable detectors for detecting radioactivity.

The ions released from the particles are collected in the ionization chambers. When enough ions are collected, an electrical impulse will be generated. It also gives a signal that particles have passed there, as well as containing all the data that needs to be obtained about that particle. Depending on the type of chamber, these pulses can be short and individual pulses are often registered, and they can be long, where after one long pulse, individual and short ones cannot be measured.

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